Book: Telecommunications in Action

BookCoverWritten by world experts in the many applications of information and communication technologies; each section defines and describes applications, summarises relevant technologies, details country projects examples, profiles case studies, outlines working models, highlights examples of best practice, provides a general indication of costs or cost components, and suggests how projects can be financed.

Shows how telecoms, wireless comms, satcoms, broadcasting and multimedia can supply the momentum to get development under way in many fields – reaching audiences that would not normally receive information on telecommunications, and information and communication technologies(ICTs); aims to encourage greater communication between ministries, regional municipal authorities, representative groups and the private sector.

Designed to illustrate the benefits of communication and information systems to a wide ‘non-telecommunications’ audience in developing countries, ‘Telecommunications in Action’ highlights the role of telecommunication applications in agriculture, business,education, environment, governance health and rural and urban development.

It provides detailed information on assessing, costing, financing and implementing systems as well as case studies and examples of best practice in both industrialised and developing countries. Funding agencies and providers are listed and there are notes on telecommunication regulations.

English Edition

French Edition

Spanish Edition

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