Course Description


5-Day Log Interpretation
Workshop Summary & Outline


This five-day course is designed to provide participants with fundamental principles necessary to understand and interpret open hole logs. The concepts will assist participants to recognize permeability, hydrocarbons and identify rock and fluid types. The session will also include illustrated techniques for recognizing log validity. Participants are encouraged to bring their own logs to complement existing real-life case studies. A complete set of course materials are included. Sessions to analyze logs using spreadsheets will be included. In addition to the usual log analysis properties there will be an introduction to the calculation of in-situ stresses and permeability from logs.


  • Introduction to Basic Log Suites
  • Permeability and Salt Water Detection
  • Fluid and Rock Type Identification
  • Hydrocarbon Identification and Net Pay Estimation
  • ‘Interpretation at a Glance’ Techniques
  • Gas and Shale Effects on Logs
  • Uses and Limitations of Open Hole Logs
  • Using DST, Cuttings and Offset Production to Validate Logs
  • Depth Control, Calibrations and Offset Wells
  • Hole Conditions vs Tool Problems
  • Individual Log Checks and Limitations
  • Easily Applied Methods and Case Studies
  • Excel Spreadsheet Exercises
  • Introduction to Permeability Porosity Relationships
  • Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Logging
  • Sonic Log for Stress Calculation
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