Course Description


This course will cover the following:

Petroleum Production System:

  • Safety Control System
  • Flow Model for Undersaturated Reservoirs
  • IPR of Undersaturated Reservoirs
  • IPR of Two-Phase Reservoirs
  • IPR Curve Construction Exercises

Skin Effects:

  • Gravel Pack Completion
  • Wellbore Flow Performance
  • Well Deliverability
  • Production Forecast

Wellhead and Flowline:

  • Well Testing
  • Pressure Transient Analysis
  • Production Logging
  • Acidizing Interaction

Sandstone Acidizing Design:

  • Carbonate Acidizing Design
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Mechanism
  • Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment
  • Tubing Design for Well Stimulation

Production Decline Analysis:

  • Gas Lift
  • Pump-Assisted Lift
  • Fluid Separation
  • Fluid Transportation
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