Oil Technical Curriculum

Course Description
WELL LOGGING This five-day course is designed to provide participants with fundamental principles necessary to understand and interpret open hole logs. The concepts will assist participants to recognize permeability, hydrocarbons and identify rock and fluid types. The session will also include illustrated techniques for recognizing log validity. Participants are encouraged to bring their own logs to complement existing real-life case studies. A complete set of course materials are included. Sessions to analyze logs using spreadsheets will be included. In addition to the usual log analysis properties there will be an introduction to the calculation of in-situ stresses and permeability from logs.
PETROLEUM REFINING The course covers the following topics:

  • Refinery processes (description and discussion of the role of the different units).
  • Refinery operations planning.
  • Heat integration in refineries.
  • Refinery Operations planning and Management of financial risk.

The course includes hands on exercises using Pro II, a simulation software package from Simulation Science (Simsci), USA. A training manual as well as simulation and optimization files will be provided.

DRILLING ENGINEERING & WELL COMPLETION This course covers the following:

  • The Oil Well, Drillstring Design, Hoisting System and Rotary Drilling Bits
  • Fundamentals of Fluid Flow, Mud Engineering, and Rig Hydraulics
  • Straight and Directional Hole Drilling, Fracture Gradient, and Casing Design
  • Cementing, Hole Problems and Blowout Control
  • Well Completion
PRODUCTION ENGINEERING & STIMULATION This course covers the following:Petroleum Production System:

  • Safety Control System: Flow Model for Undersaturated Reservoirs; IPR of Undersaturated Reservoirs; IPR of Two-Phase Reservoirs ; IPR Curve Construction Exercises
  • Skin Effects: Gravel Pack Completion; Wellbore Flow Performance; Well Deliverability; Production Forecast
  • Wellhead and Flowline: Well Testing; Pressure Transient Analysis; Production Logging; Acidizing Interaction
  • Sandstone Acidizing Design:Carbonate Acidizing Design; Hydraulic Fracturing Mechanism; Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment; Tubing Design for Well Stimulation
  • Production Decline Analysis:Gas Lift; Pump-Assisted Lift; Fluid Separation; Fluid Transportation
  • Types of petroleum pipelines
  • Basic pipelines and their engineering design characteristics
  • Pipeline performance assessment
  • Corrosion and control methods
  • Pipeline repair and rehabilitation prioritization
  • External and internal inspections
  • Diagnostic methods
  • Pipeline safety
  • Modeling pipeline systems
  • Intelligent design
  • Emerging technology
  • Forms of Ownership and Franchise,
  • Marketing Operations, Vehicle Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Metering and Measurement, Security (Custody transfer)
  • Leak Detection and Prevention
  • Underground Storage Tank Installation and Maintenance
  • Product Quality Control
  • Stock Control Practices
  • Monitoring of $ flow, depots and tanks
  • HSE
  • Optimum plan for privatization
  • Gas chemistry, thermodynamic, transport properties. Water hydrocarbon systems. Hydrates.
  • Natural gas processing. Dehydration. Sweetening. Sulfur Claus Process. Simulation of TEG, amine and Claus processes.
  • Transportation. Pipelines and pipeline simulation. Hydrate inhibition. Leak detection.
  • Refrigeration, liquefaction and NGL extraction. NGL fractionation. Energy Integration.
  • Optimization of NGL extraction plants. Planning of Offshore/Onshore drilling and production. Planning under uncertainty. Management of financial risk.
  • Pressure drawdown and buildup testing
  • Near-wellbore effects
  • Heterogeneous reservoirs
  • Hydraulically fractured wells
  • Horizontal wells
  • Properties of reservoir fluids
  • Characterization of naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Material balance in oil & gas reservoirs – reserves
  • Fluid flow through porous media
  • Improved oil recovery
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