Course Description



This course is offered for Oil organization leaders and managers at various levels and divisions or companies. It will assist senior leaders in government, heads of functional units, managers of project teams, and leaders of organizational units in the oil company. The focus will be on understanding the dynamics of organizations, the importance of leadership, the skills and tools of leaders, and the difference between leadership and management. It has been said that “one leads people and manages things.” Bill Lewis describes some of the themes and concepts provided in the course with the following statements, subjects, and approaches.

Section 1: Characteristics of a Dynamic Team or Company……

  • What makes a great “team” in Business? What makes a great company Structure?
  • Business are always looking for the quick fix or the magic formula for success…
  • Through this Section you will learn the Seven (7) Characteristics of a Dynamic team and Dynamic Organization. Participants will then evaluate Their team against this criteria for excellence.
  • The Leadership component overview… “As the Leader goes, so goes the team”
  • Being a boss, does not make you a leader.
Section 2: Leading from the Middle…

  • If you are not the “boss”…If you are stuck in the “bowels” of the organization…can you still lead? Can you still make a difference for good?
  • In this Section you will discover how to make a positive impact regardless of the level of “positional power” you might have.. your will see the
    • Four Competencies of Leadership
    • Learn to be the Voice of many at many levels.
    • See the three key action steps for Influence
Section 3: “It’s not Business ethics…it’s ethics PERIOD!!”

  • Rediscover the Ethical practices that are not taught in MBA courses, college classes or even taught in many homes today…
  • Look at the Six Pillars of Character.
  • What is the Values/Culture necessary for world market involvement
  • How to discover and implement VALUES in a company or department
  • Look at ways to determine values in others before they join your Organization
Section 4: Dealing with Difficult People

  • Why do people behave the way they do?
  • How do I work with people who always seem to be difficult?
  • Do I fire them or coach ’em or kick ’em out?
  • Discuss these and many other question as it relates to conflict and people who deal in conflict.. understand what Discipline really means and how to use it in the work place.
  • Learn the proactive approach to dealing with difficult people…knowing when to fire and protect those left behind.
Section 5: Why Teams Fail and What YOU must do to create Team Development

  • The cause of Dysfunctional teams
  • How to deal with dysfunctional teams
  • How to develop a strong team
  • Selecting the right kind of people for your team
Section 6: Agree to Disagree

  • Learn what Conflict IS and what it IS NOT
  • How to overcome hurt feelings when dealing with conflict
  • 7 Steps for a smooth dealing with Conflict.
  • Problem solving that works
Section 7: The Essential Skills for Team Leadership

  • The Leader/Manager
  • The “Vision thing”
  • Core Values
  • Aliening the Team behind the plan
  • Understand Team behavior
  • Change Management
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