ICT Curriculum

Web & Applications


Course Name Tier Delivery Source
1 2 3 4
How to Build Cross-Platform Mobilized Applications X X E-Learning INTEL
Macromedia Flash Action Script X E-Learning VTC
JavaScript Fundamentals X E-Learning VTC
PHP X E-Learning VTC
Active Server Pages (ASP) Scripting X E-Learning VTC
Cold Fusion X E-Learning VTC
J2EE Java Server Pages X E-Learning VTC
Building Microsoft ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices X Instructor Microsoft
Building Secure Microsoft ASP.NET Applications X X Instructor Microsoft
Building Web Solutions with ASP.NET and ADO.NET X Instructor Microsoft
Designing Enterprise Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET X Instructor Microsoft
Web Programming X Distance CU
Mobilized Application Development X X E-Learning INTEL
Web Service Discovery with UDDI X E-Learning INTEL
Using Java Web Services with .NET X E-Learning INTEL
Accessing SQL Server from the Pocket PC X X E-Learning INTEL
Data Synchronization with SQL Server CE RDA X X E-Learning INTEL
Enabling C# Applications for Mobility X E-Learning INTEL
Building Secure Web Services X E-Learning INTEL
Custom SOAP Headers in Web Services X E-Learning INTEL
Improving Web Site Performance Using Network Caches X E-Learning INTEL
Introduction to creating a Web service from a Java class X E-Learning INTEL
Returning Structured Data from a Web Service X E-Learning INTEL
Web Service Caching X E-Learning INTEL
Web Service Deployment X E-Learning INTEL
Enabling Applications for Mobility X X E-Learning INTEL


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