ICT Curriculum

Internet Foundations

Course Purpose: This 5 day class provides an introduction to the disciplines and knowledge required in becoming web enabled.

  • An Overview of the skills sets required
  • The TTI Educational Model and applying it to this problem
  • HTML: Fundamentals of page construction
  • Javascript: Overview basic understanding
  • Designing: Visual considerations when designing a website
  • Animation: Options and considerations
  • Middleware and Databases: What are the options and how do you choose
  • Internet Resources: Online courses and other resources to get you going

Trainees will come away with a high level knowledge of each required discipline. They will understand the building blocks of knowledge that must be available, or developed, to become web-enabled.

Target Audience: This course is targeted as a starting point for the professional who is beginning to make plans and strategize about becoming web enabled. Persons attending this class may have technical background, but it is not required. The class will provide trainees with an understanding of each of the required technical disciplines to build and maintain internet sites and applications. Trainees may have technical or management interests.

Training Materials:
  1. Dreamweaver or Homesite HTML Editor Download 30 day trial
  2. HTML The Definitive Guide [A Nutshell Book] Purchase 1 for each Trainee Cost $34.95 Click for Amazon.com
  3. Site Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability 1 for each $32.99 Click for Amazon.com
  4. Photoshop. Adobe provides a free trial, but it does not indicate restrictions or duration. Photoshop/Imageready is a web essential and it should perhaps be purchased.
  5. E-School Account: An Account on www.Lynda.com
  6. Graphic Images: An account on iStockphoto.com (pre-buy say $25 of images – they are $1 each)
  7. Notebooks: Trainees will receive copies of all the presentation materials

Syllabus: Each day of the course will be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Lecture. Accompanied by handouts.
  2. Hands on Training. The instructor will work with trainees on different aspects of site construction.
  3. Online Training. Trainees will experience the e-training that is available on the subject matter discussed that day.

Day 1
Intro & HTML Part 1
Note that presentation materials are still being developed, and therefore the outline is subject to change:Morning  |  Draft of this Powerpoint presentation…3.2 Meg

  1. Introduction to the Internet
  2. What is ICT?
  3. The TTI Educational Model
  4. Emerging Methods of Course Delivery
  5. Two E-Learning Options: VTC and Lynda.com

Afternoon  |  To Be Constructed

  1. Introduction to HTML:
    The Instructor will teach this, or
    Trainees will take: http://www.Lynda.com, HTML Essential Training, William Weinman, or
  2. Lab: Construct first page. Pages will be contructed using a text editor (Notepad or Homesite). None of the available GUI development products are perfect – even Dreamweaver which is the best. All successful web developers know HTML. Otherwise they don’t know what to fix when things break.

Note: A project will be constructed that will allow each of the trainees to contribute a web page. The project will evolve over the course of the week as different skills are visited.

Day 2
HTML Part 2
Morning  |  To Be Constructed

  1. Interconnect all trainee pages
  2. FTP to web server

Afternoon  |  To Be Constructed

  1. Javascript Overview
  2. Lab: www.webmonkey.com Thau’s Javascript Tutorial
  3. ImageReady: The Javascript work it does for you
  4. DHTML: What it is and is it winning as a form of Animation.

Day 3
Design Fundamentals
Morning  |  Draft Developed…Click to Open…1.3 Meg Takes a while

  1. What are fifth Generation Websites
  2. Lessons we have learned about good and bad design
  3. Looking at good and bad examples
  4. Where to find art work

Afternoon  |  To Be Constructed

The www.lynda.com course is 11 hours of training. The VTC Course is 12 hours. Webmonkey has a crash course Click here. It is not a video, but looks fairly straightforward.

I will keep looking. Photoshop is an absolute ESSENTIAL. I may create sample files and create my own overview. It is probably safe to say that the best we can hope to do is give them an overview. I have worked every day of my life in Photoshop for the last 10 years – and I still learn new things it can do.

Day 4
Middleware and Databases
Morning  |  To Be Constructed

  1. Creating a Webpage from a Photoshop Image
  2. Compression and Optimization
  3. Creating Animated GIFs

Afternoon  |  Draft completed….3.5 meg

  1. What is Middleware?
  2. The 3 most popular Middleware solutions
  3. Code Samples of Each
  4. Choosing a database type

Day 5
Morning  |  To Be Constructed

  1. E-Commerce: Options for establishing E-Commerce
  2. E-Commerce: Costs and Considerations
  3. Flash and other animation methods

Afternoon  |  To Be Constructed

People will be so tired at this point. This will be time for open discussion and nothing to taxing. Perhaps we will just surf good and bad sites.

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