2worldsSmServices Overview

T/TI consults in four broad categories of international telecommunications-Infrastructure, Policy and Regulation, Applications, and Financing Strategy. We conduct feasibility studies and  provide technical assistance, education, and training.

Infrastructure ranges from designing fiber optic, wireless networks, and rural access networks, developing enterprise network architectures, evaluating technologies and technical solutions, preparing technical specifications, evaluating bids, and advising on deployment.

Policy and Regulation advice covers the regulatory framework and environment and focuses on Interconnection, licensing, spectrum management, tariffs and pricing, competition, universal service, VoIP, and convergence. We advise on privatization and corporatization. We provide training to Regulators.

Applications cover e-Government, e-Learning, e-Commerce/Business and specialized services to promote economic and social development. Other applications are profiled in our book Telecommunications in Action.

Financing Strategy includes strategic business plans, market access and development, project finance and investment, joint venture partnerships, microfinance, and trade. T/TI assists clients in arranging funding, project finance, and strategic partnerships.

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