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Expertise Sergiu Manic has over 18 years of industry experience in international banking and project finance. He serves as Finance and Investment Advisor on T/TIs international projects. T/TIs specialist in corporate financial analysis, international banking and trade finance, and has been working with multilateral financing organization such as EBRD (e.g. EBRDs SME financing in Moldova in particular) and the World Bank. He is an expert in conducting project finance due diligence and credit underwriting. He successfully led project finance tasks for various IT, telecommunications, energy, and oil & gas infrastructure projects.
Work with T/TI Mr. Manic joined Telecom/Telematique, Inc. in 2006 where he managed e-Government projects in Romania and led the financial analysis for the Ghana PPP project. During the past six years he served as financial analyst on T/TI projects in Iraq, West Bank, Pakistan, Niger, Mali, and Benin. Since 2006, these projects include major feasibility studies and financial models for various infrastructure and technical applications projects requiring project finance solutions, including structuring, financial analysis, and financial modeling. Since 2010, he has advised T/TI on a number of World Bank and USTDA sponsored public and private sector development projects covering ICT, e-Government, public finance, and renewable energy.
Other Professional Experience Sergiu has strong expertise in contractual risk mitigation for sophisticated industrial application procurement with extensive experience in due diligence, FEED analysis, M&E, and in contract negotiation. Previously he served in various senior management positions at banks in Europe and in the US, including as a Senior Vice President of Sofitel, a US- based merchant bank.
Education, Languages He has a Masters degree in International Policy and Practice from the George Washington University, Washington D.C, a higher education diploma in International Economic Relations from the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova, and a BBA degree in International Management from PACE University, NY. Fluent in Romanian, English, Russian, and basic French.
T/TI ICT Projects Puebla ITS Technologies Feasibility Study, Iraq Ministry of Finance Budget Execution Procedures Manual, Niger National ICT Backbone Network, West Bank Internet Data Center Design, and Ghana Design of E-Government and Procurement of Public Private Partnerships
T/TI Energy Projects Pakistan Feasibility Study for the Beaconhouse Schools Solar Photovoltaic Power Systems, Iraq Management Training for the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, Iraq Technical Training for the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, and Regional Central Asia Eco-Energy Alliance (EEA)
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