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Expertise Rami Kawa has more than 32 years of experience in transport, telecommunications, power and IT sectors, specifically in engineering, deployment and management of fiber optic networks, engineering and designing NGNs, IP networks, fiber optic and wireless networks, cellular systems, wireless access, satellite systems, packet switching, and cell/frame relay network solutions to meet market requirements for voice, video, internet/intranet, LAN/WAN interconnect and Enterprise Web applications. He has in-depth knowledge of Cellular systems and wireless broadband networks, including GSM, DCS1800, TDMA, CDMA, Motorola iDEN, AMPS and NMT.
Work with T/TI Rami Kawa is T/TIs transport, ITS and Enterprise Architecture engineer. Most recently he worked in Mexico on Puebla Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Technologies Project as T/TIs ITS network engineer. As T/TI network engineer, he designed national wireless and fiber optic networks for T/TI infrastructure projects in Iraq, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyz Republic, and for the U.S. government in Afghanistan. He designed the network and infrastructure to connect ICT Training Centers at the 22 universities throughout Iraq, assessed the wireless technologies, available fiber, and potential access to frequencies to deploy robust broadband voice/data/video/Internet connectivity. On regional networks, he developed the technical requirements for interconnecting the national networks and connecting to submarine cables. He completed the network design for the T/TI client in Niger and worked with the client on the design and architecture options for another T/TI project in Mali on financial modeling of a regional fiber optic backbone network in West Africa.
Other Professional Experience Mr. Kawa designed ITS systems, while working in SAIC on business development and analysis tasks on major procurements for IT and communications-related opportunities for various public transit facilities, for airports, metrobus and metrorail applications, including Indianapolis Airport, San Diego International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. He is now advising the State of Puebla on the ITS technology under the T/TI USTDA funded feasibility study. Rami Kawa served as Chief Technologist for Global TeleSystems Group (GTS), in McLean, VA, where he directed engineering efforts for deployment of a pan-European fiber optic network, as well as VSAT, mobile and fixed wireless access, and cellular (GSM and CDMA) technologies in Central Europe and Asia. At Teligent, Inc., he managed wireless broadband access solutions for metro areas in the U.S. He later held network engineering responsibilities for undersea, terrestrial, and metropolitan fiber optic cable systems at 360 networks in Herndon, VA. Following Teligent, he consulted for various architectural and implementation planning tasks in optical network and system architecture, design and network engineering for the U.S. Department of Defense. Mr. Kawa has extensive technical expertise in large scale optical networks and their network management systems, in transoceanic/ ULH fiber systems; and in DWDM, MSPP, optical cross-connect systems, SONET/SDH, IP, MPLS and related standards.
Education, Languages Mr. Kawa holds MSc in Electrical Engineering from the North Carolina State University at Raleigh and BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Old Dominion University. Mr. Kawa is a native speaker of French; he is also fluent in Arabic and English.
T/TI ICT Projects Puebla ITS Technologies Feasibility Study, Iraq Telecommunications Fixed Asset Inventory and HR Plan, Niger National ICT Backbone Network, Caribbean Regional Strategy for C@ribNET:NRENS Design, Iraq Women’s ICT Training Center, Central Asia Telecom ICT Training Curriculum and Facilities, and Uzbekistan Fiber Optic Network Design for Uzbek Railway.
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