Jon Peha

Spectrum Management, Wireless Networks

Dr. Jon Peha is a Full Professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He served in the US Government in 2008-2011, first as Chief Technologist of the Federal Communications Commission, and then at the White House as Assistant Director of the Office of Science & Technology Policy where he focused on Communications and Research. At Carnegie Mellon, he is a Professor in the Dept. of Engineering & Public Policy and the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and former Associate Director of the university’s Center for Wireless & Broadband Networking. He has served as Chief Technical Officer for three high-tech companies, and a member of technical staff at SRI International, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Microsoft. He has addressed telecom and e-commerce policy on legislative staff in the House Energy & Commerce Committee and in the Senate, and helped launch and lead a US Government interagency program to assist developing countries with information infrastructure. His research spans technical and policy issues of information networks, including spectrum management, broadband Internet, wireless networks, video and voice over IP, communications for emergency responders, universal service, secure Internet payment systems, online dissemination of copyrighted material, and network security. Dr. Peha holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford, and a BS from Brown. He is an IEEE Fellow, an AAAS Fellow, and a winner of the FCC’s “Excellence in Engineering Award” and the IEEE Communications Society TCCN Publication Award for career contributions.

In 1997-98, Dr. Peha served as the first leader of a new US Government program to assist developing countries with information infrastructure. He advised the governments of Kenya and Ghana on licensing cellular operators, wireless strategies, spectrum policies, and regulatory initiatives. He has since consulted on projects focused on telecommunications and Internet in developing countries, and led research projects on associated topics. This includes issues of suitable technology, public policy, and regulations. In 2011 he was the keynote speaker at the Digital Africa Summit in Mombasa where he presented strategies for national wireless and broadband deployment with licensed and unlicensed spectrum. He contributed to a forthcoming book on mobile communications in developing countries.

His ongoing research interests include both technical and policy issues of computer and telecommunications networks. His research interests include, but not limited to: Information infrastructure for developing countries; Technical and policy issues of network security, protecting critical network infrastructure, post-disaster recovery, protocols for secure networks; Wireless networks – addressing access protocols, ad hoc or mesh networks, mobility support, and management of spectrum resources. Includes work on spectrum-sharing paradigms, such as unlicensed spectrum, secondary access, spectrum underlays, spectrum markets; Regulatory and economic issues of telecommunications, such as the transition from separate phone and cable TV monopolies to competing integrated-services carriers, universal service, and policy issues of the Internet. His work is in the context of both the US and developing countries. Based on his research findings Dr. Peha has published more than two hundred papers, the complete list of them is available on

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