Federico Kuhlmann



Dr. Federico Kuhlmann is the Head of the Academic Department of Digital Systems and program director of Telematics Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. He has worked on a variety of projects related to technological, economic and regulatory telecommunications. For example, he has worked for the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation and the Federal Commission of Mexico Telecom, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Telefonica Moviles, the Latin American Institute for Educational Communication (ILCE), the Competitiveness Studies Center ITAM, as well as many other companies and public and private organizations. Most recently, he collaborated with T/TI on the feasibility study on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) systems for the State of Puebla in Mexico. T/TI was selected by Puebla to conduct the USTDA-funded study to assess technologies and design the intelligent transportation system for the BRT systems and conduct the economic and financial analysis and produce the model to be a tool for Puebla. ITAM was the local partner, led by Federico Kuhlmann, and Enrique Melrose, with ITS expert Dr. Andre Possani.

Dr. Federico Kuhlmann of ITAM has recently published a paper on the National Broadband Plans for Latin American Countries where he addresses common problems and provides solutions. Dr. Kuhlmann has been a guest speaker at a lot of universities in Mexico and outside of Mexico. He has directed more than 75 theses (doctoral, master’s and bachelor), and has published more than 70 technical papers and conference proceedings, two books and several chapters in books, all in the area of telecommunications. He holds a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, an MSc degree from Cornell University, and an Electro-mechanical engineer degree from National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

T/TI Telecom Projects include: Puebla ITS Technologies Feasibility Study.

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