Andre Possani



Dr. Andre Possani is a research professor at the Academic Department of Digital Systems of the ITAM. He completed graduate studies in Germany and Italy, where he worked on several research projects and technological development related to Intelligent Transportation Systems. He specializes in cooperative systems, where vehicles and infrastructure communicate with in order to facilitate and optimize the mobility of people. He participated as a leading application development and integration solutions within SAFESPOT (European Union Project in order to create dynamic networks of cooperation among vehicles and infrastructure that communicate to share information and improve situational awareness of drivers). He was part of the communication infrastructure design group between urban transport systems of the City of Genoa in the ACIS project. Currently, Dr. Possani is working on the following projects: traffic flow optimization, design of efficient parking systems, improvement of road protection systems and development of intelligent intersections. Most recently, he worked with ITAM on the T/TI USTDA funded feasibility study on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) systems for the State of Puebla in Mexico.

Dr. Possani holds a PhD in Electronics, Robotics and Telecommunications from the Genoa University, Italy, Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico and Master of Science of Microsystems Engineering from the Furtwangen University, Germany. He speaks Spanish, Italian and English.

T/TI Telecom Projects include: Puebla ITS Technologies Feasibility Study.

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