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The Best Minds in the Business

T/TI has developed a team of telecommunications engineers, economists, lawyers, and policy experts over the years. They participate in projects, studies, and training. Some are Senior Advisors, most are key consultants, and a few are specialists with particular skills needed occasionally. In addition to the U.S. consultants, T/TI has regional managers, engineers, and experts in Europe, Latin America, NIS/Central Asia, Africa and Asia. Our U.S. consultants have each worked in about 25 countries, so there are few countries where one of us does not have experience. Below are some examples.

I N T E R N A T I O N A L   E X P E R I E N C E


Lynne Gallagher | President | Telecom and Energy Policy/Project Management

Sergiu Manic | All | Project Finance and PPP

Dr. Lishan Adam | Africa | ICT Strategy, Policy

Jaafar Al-Hasani | Middle East | IT Engineer, ICT infrastructure, apps, services

Rami Kaoua | All | Telecom Engineer, ICT apps

Dario Goussal | Latin America & Caribbean | Telecom Eng/Rural

Dr. Sharon Black | Latin America & Caribbean | Telecom Policy & Apps

Dana Havlenova | Eurasia | ICT Traning, QA

Robert Fonow | Asia | Telecom Strategy, Market


John Savageau | Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Architecture

Dr. Leila Elmasry | Financial Services ICT infrastructure, Central Bank payment systems

Aboubacar Cisse | IT Engineer, E-Government

Christopher Freitas | Solar & Renewable Energy Engineer, Solar Panels & MicroGrids


Elan Partners, Limited, Pakistan | Asia

ITAM, Mexico | Latin America & Caribbean

TTI/Europe, Prague | Eurasia

Pierre Dandjinou | Africa


Dale Hatfield | Telecom Policy and Regulations

Jeffrey Cunard, Esq. | Legal Advisor, Telecom/Internet


Sergiu Manic | Project Finance and Business Development

Daria Chursina | Project Management

Margaret Gibson | Editor and Marketing Specialist

Chelsie Larsen | Web Master

Joel Edwards | Energy Sector


Dr. James Alleman: Economist – Market Research, Network Economics

Michael Biddison: Energy Policy

Dr. Timothy Brown: Engineer – Spectrum, Wireless

Jean Pierre Chamoux: France

Jules Dégila: Benin

Lee Goldberg: Renewable Energy Technology Analysis

Abdul Sahib Hasan: Iraq

Dr. Federico Kuhlmann: Mexico

Marco Kuhlmann: Economic Consultant

Imelda Mensah: Benin

Husam Obaid: Iraq

Dr. Jon Peha: Spectrum Management, Wireless Networks

Russell Pipe: Thailand

Dr. Andre Possani: Mexico

Donald Strombom: Procurement

Mawuli Tse: Ghana

Iraq Uzbekistan Central Asia Kyrgystan Vietnam E-Gov China Ghana Niger Rwanda EL SALVADOR: Interconnection Policy Mexico Lighting Africa Pakistan