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T/TI has developed a team of telecommunications engineers, economists, lawyers, and policy experts over the years. They participate in projects, studies, and training. Some are Senior Advisors, most are key consultants, and a few are specialists with particular skills needed occasionally. In addition to the U.S. consultants, T/TI has regional managers, engineers, and experts in Europe, Latin America, NIS/Central Asia, Africa and Asia. Our U.S. consultants have each worked in about 25 countries, so there are few countries where one of us does not have experience. If you’d like to be a part of this dynamic and exciting team, contact us.



Position: Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT) Specialist in Washington, DC.

Summary of Job Duties:  Identify potential ICT Projects for company, organize team of US and local consultants, write proposals, and manage and execute projects. Requires Master’s degree in Information Systems, Telecommunications or a related field and 3 years’ experience in international development or public administration in an international setting, with business analysis, financial analysis and reporting, and financial sector analytical research and budgeting.

Experience must include e-government, big data, and Open Data.

Mail CV to Lynne Gallagher, Telecom/Telematique Inc., 2737 Devonshire Place NW, Suite F, Washington, DC 20008.



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